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A five day challenge designed for moms who are seeking to pivot & position their expert knowledge into profitable service based businesses.

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The coaching & consulting industry  is a $14.2 billion dollar industry. Your skills are valuable!

After several years in corporate America, and after running your own full-time company, surely your knowledge can be monetized to help others start, grow or even scale their business.

I'm Ready TO PIVOT!
Am I really considering becoming a coach or consultant?

Pivoting from one industry to the next is a huge change:

  • It can be intimidating
  • It can feel overwhelming 
  • It can seem impossible
  • It can seem confusing trying to articulate your unique gifts
  • It can feel impossible to change careers and find success as an entrepreneur

Yes, all of those feelings are real, but the fact is

This five day challenge will help you as a mom to confidently adjust your mindset to monetize your unique gifts. 


In The Next 5 days, You Could…

  • Confidently shift and position yourself as the expert you are 
  • Confidently develop a program that speaks directly to your ideal clients needs.
  • Confidently package your expert knowledge to articulate & monetize your value

Just imagine, identifying your unique voice, finding your ideal client, + aligning your message helping you to land paying clients right from the comfort of your home as a mom!

 5- Day Challenge Replay: 5 Trainings in One + Workbook!

Pivot & Profit 5 Day Challenge

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Just because you haven't done it yet, doesn't mean you aren't capable of achieving it!

As a mom many of us are seeking more ways to make MORE money online through social platforms, while spending MORE time with our children & less time feeling burned out.

What would life be like if you mastered the ability to: 

  • Monetizing Your Knowledge
  • Establishing Clarity Around Your Offers
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • Crafting Your 4-Figure Framework
  • Price your services  to help you profit as a CEO

Helping you to build a solid foundation you can feel assured the value you bring can confidently secure paying clients.

What's Included In The Challenge...


Adapting The Mindset Shift 

No more imposter syndrome. Your days of comparing yourself to other experts already in the industry and decide diluting your value is over!  One day one you will:

  • Remove self-limiting beliefs and your ability to be successful
  • Pivot your mind to focus on million dollar thoughts
  • Turn on the "I can" mindset in a saturated marketplace  

You’ll leave day one with a new mindset that it is your time, and your time is now. You don't have to feel scared like it's to late for your to build out a profitable serviced based business.

Day 2

Establishing Clarity

Where there is vision, there is also clarity! This where you are probably having the biggest issue, however after day two you will be able to:

  • Hone in on your Zone of Genius
  • Identify your focus and direction for your business
  • Define your unique knowledge in the market place

No more feelings of being unclear on who you are. Now that you're clear, it's time to walk in your purpose

Day 3

Identifying Your Ideal Client 

Learning how to attract "best-fit" high quality clients makes it easier for your to market yourself, and  your brand to a specific audience without feeling like you're out here hustling to find clients. You will learn:

  • How to properly develop your ideal clients 
  • How to properly attract quality clients
  • Identify truly what’s keeping your clients up at night

More than 3.4 billion people are on social platforms like Facebook, understanding who your ideal clients are, allows you to leverage social platforms properly to land quality paying clients.

Day 4

Crafting Your Signature Offer

With the proper clarity, guidance and your expert knowledge you will be able to create your signature offer not only you will love, but also your customers! You will learn:

  • Identify how you will move your clients from pain to pleasure
  • Identify how your program will be the solution for you clients
  • Develop your own personal framework that offers your clients transformational results

Your signature offer will allow you to establish yourself as the expert in your industry. Your signature offer is what you'll soon be  known for and truly what sets you apart from your competitors.

Day 5

Pricing Your Signature Offer

Crafting a signature framework, is truly the highlight of how your will help add value to your clients. It will be because of YOU, your clients see true transformation. It's time to feel confident when launching your 4-figure framework. Here's what you will learn:

  • Pricing To Profit Pricing Formula 
  • Pricing To Attract Your Ideal Client
  • Pricing To Position Your Expert Value

Having a services based business or signature program you are confident in, should not leave you feeling guilty when your clients ask "how much"

Positioning the exchange of value between you and your client's needs is a result of their desired transformation not your program price. 

This Challenge Is For You If...

  • You are a coach or service based business, but haven't identified how to package your expert knowledge
  • You are passionate about helping others accomplish their goals
  • Ready to launch your coaching program or service based business, and not sure how to get started
  • Ready to finally take that leap of faith to walk in your purpose fully
  • You are ready to TURN UP YOUR COCKY, and start owning your expertise 
This Challenge Is For ME!

I'm Marquitta Dashae'  

After getting the keys to my brand new showroom in 2019, I was let go from my corporate position.  At home in the middle of a pandemic, I was nervous about how I would bring in steady income as an entrepreneur, I decided to combine all of my experience from nine years as an entrepreneurship and all of my transferable corporate skills and develop a platform where I could work from home, without feeling burned out as a mom of three.

Job denial letter after denial letter, I finally decided to hire myself!

Confidently shifting from my product fashion-based business, into a new world of coaching, business strategy and consulting,  I realized just how much I truly diluted my unique gifts and talents as a service based provider. Today, I'm helping other moms just like you find their voice, step outside of their comfort zone, &  remove the fear that's held them back for far to long. I am here to shift your beliefs into pivoting your expert knowledge into profitable income!

"Let me just say I was so lost before out first meeting when you opened my eyes, I am just blown away at how we are on mod 1 and I have so much clarity in the direction my business is going.  I'm so happy I took the leap of faith to connect with you and join the M2M program. It just amazes me how open you are with everything we even went over time to make sure things were clear 🥰 thanks a ton 🙏🏽"

-Roniesha Clark

"This Call gave me life ! I have been in business since 2015 and was wondering where I was going wrong at ! This call gave me all the answers and made me totally look at my business different. If you are struggling with sales or anything else with your business please schedule a strategy call! Thank me later."

- Allice Laurre

"Hey Mommies! I just had to come in here today to testify! Out of the 6 years that I've been in Entrepreneurship, and many dollars spent around mentorship, coaching, etc., I've NEVER been a part of a program that motivated me and helped me to get this clear about what I'm purposed to do. This mentorship is so personal and it is curated to my needs 🙌🏽 I highly recommend the 12 week acceleration mentorship! Within 1 module, and 2 calls, yalllllll🙌🏽🙌🏽 I'm excited to see what will come out of my next 11 weeks! Marquitta really has a heart to see you boss up in the best way!"

-Jessica Dorsey Swales
You have exactly what it takes!
Join the challenge!

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  • How To Build Your Signature Program Framework course
  • How To Price Your Program To Profit course
  • Pivot & Profit Official Challenge Workbook
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